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Flexible Diamond Profile Hand Pad

Flexible Diamond Profiled Hand Pads

Pad Pengamplasan Berlian Separa Fleksibel

FLEXIBLE'S Semi-Flexible Diamond Sanding Pad adalah untuk mengisar, melicinkan dan menggilap seramik dan kaca. Pesan secara dalam talian di sini dengan penghantaran percuma dari Sheffield Pottery. Lapisan pasir pada lapisan 2,5 ″ x 2,5 ″ dan 1,75 ″ x 2,75 these ini akan melicinkan lapisan glaser atau tanah liat dengan cepat dan lebih mudah daripada jenis kertas pasir atau pelelas yang lain. Mempunyai ketebalan 1/2 ″ dan 1/4 "tebal semi-fleksibel untuk kegunaan basah atau kering pada sebarang glasir atau tanah liat atau kaca biskuit atau api tinggi. Hebat untuk melicinkan kotoran atau glasir, tanah liat atau apa sahaja yang tersangkut di bahagian bawah sekeping selepas menembak. Atau melicinkan bahagian bawah sehelai sehingga tidak akan menggaruk meja atau merapatkan taplak meja kain.

CATATAN: Foto menunjukkan semua 3 grit: 60,120, dan 240


  1. Quality of the Pad: The quality of the hand pad itself is crucial. Higher-quality pads are made with durable and flexible backing materials that can withstand the rigors of polishing. They should also have a consistent distribution of diamond particles across the surface.

  2. Diamond Quality: The quality of the diamonds used on the pad plays a significant role in its performance. Industrial-grade diamonds are typically used, but the size and quality of these diamonds can vary. Higher-quality diamonds will provide better cutting and polishing performance.

  3. Grit Size: Diamond hand pads come in various grit sizes, ranging from coarse to fine. The grit size you choose should match your specific polishing needs. Coarser grits are used for initial shaping and grinding, while finer grits are used for polishing and finishing. The appropriate grit size depends on the material you are working on and the desired finish.

  4. Material Being Polished: The type of material being polished greatly affects the performance of diamond hand pads. Softer materials like marble and limestone will typically polish faster than harder materials like granite or concrete. Additionally, different materials may require different techniques and pad selections.

  5. Technique: Proper technique is essential for achieving the best results with diamond hand pads. Users should apply consistent pressure, maintain a steady and even motion, and ensure that the entire surface is polished uniformly. Changing the angle or pressure during polishing can result in uneven finishes.

  6. Water or Coolant Usage: Many diamond hand pads are designed to be used wet, with water or a coolant. Keeping the pad and the material wet helps to reduce heat and friction, which can extend the pad's lifespan and improve its performance. It also helps to flush away debris and abrasive particles.

  7. Pad Wear and Maintenance: Over time, diamond hand pads will wear out. It's important to inspect the pad regularly for signs of wear and replace it when necessary. Proper care and maintenance can help prolong the pad's life and maintain its performance.

  8. Safety and Personal Protective Equipment: Always prioritize safety when using diamond hand pads. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment, such as gloves and eye protection, to protect yourself from potential hazards like flying debris.

Grit Range

Diamond Hand Pads are available in a range of grit sizes to suit different polishing and grinding requirements. The grit range typically includes various options, each offering a different level of coarseness or fineness. These different grit sizes allow you to select the appropriate Diamond Hand Pad for your specific polishing and grinding needs. Coarse grits are suitable for initial material removal and shaping, while finer grits are used for achieving smooth and polished​

  1. Coarse Grits (60 to 120): Coarse grit Flexible Diamond products are used for aggressive material removal. They are suitable for tasks that involve shaping, grinding, and removing imperfections or burrs from surfaces. Common applications include initial surface preparation, deburring, and heavy stock removal.

  2. Medium Grits (240 to 400): Medium grit Flexible Diamond products strike a balance between material removal and surface finish. They are often used for tasks that require moderate stock removal and smoothing. Applications include refining rough surfaces, blending welds, and preparing surfaces for further finishing.

  3. Fine Grits (600 to 1200): Fine grit Flexible Diamond products are primarily used for finishing and polishing applications. They are suitable for achieving smooth, refined surfaces and removing finer imperfections. Typical uses include achieving a polished finish on metals, wood, and other materials.

  4. Very Fine Grits (1500 to 1800): Very fine grit Flexible Diamond products are reserved for high-precision polishing tasks. They are ideal for achieving a mirror-like finish on surfaces and eliminating even the smallest imperfections. Applications include final polishing of metals, glass, ceramics, and stone.

The choice of grit size depends on the material you are working on and the desired surface finish.


  1. Precise Profiling: The Diamond Profile Hand Polishing Pad is designed to provide a precise finish on granite, marble, glass, and stone countertops, particularly in limited access areas of profiles.

  2. Durable Construction: These pads feature a combination of electroplated and resin bond construction, ensuring durability and a longer lifespan, making them a valuable and cost-effective investment.

  3. Versatile Profiles: Available in V20, V30, and V40 full bullnose edge profiles, these pads are suitable for various applications, including sharp edge bullnose finishing, catering to a wide range of countertop requirements.

  4. Wet or Dry Use: Whether you prefer wet or dry polishing, these pads are versatile and can be used in any position to achieve a full gloss finish, providing flexibility in your work environment.

  5. Easy Maneuverability: The unique shape of these pads allows for easy maneuverability, enabling access to tight corners and hard-to-reach areas, ensuring a consistent and professional finish.

  6. The Diamond Profile Hand Polishing Pads are tailored for specific applications:

  7. Countertop Finishing: These pads are the perfect solution for achieving a professional finish on granite, marble, glass, and stone countertops, particularly in areas that are challenging to access with larger tools.

  8. Profile Polishing: Designed to work in tandem with Manual or CNC profile tools, they enable precision polishing of specific areas of profiles, ensuring a flawless appearance.

  9. Versatile Use: Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, these pads are suitable for various applications, including sharp edge bullnose finishing, making them a versatile addition to your toolkit.

  10. Professional Finish: The Diamond Profile Hand Polishing Pads excel in providing a professional finish, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of countertops and profiles.

  11. Durability: Thanks to their electroplated and resin bond construction, these pads are durable and long-lasting, with the ability to withstand the demands of repeated use.

  12. Full Gloss: Whether used wet or dry, these pads consistently deliver a full gloss finish, meeting the highest standards of countertop quality.

  13. Precision: The pads allow for precise profiling and polishing, ensuring that specific areas of profiles are treated with accuracy and finesse.

  14. Ease of Use: Their unique shape and maneuverability make them user-friendly, even in tight spaces, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.


  • V20 

  • V30

  • V40

Customized:customized to meet specific size requirements based on your particular needs and applications. Customized sizes offer the flexibility to adapt to various projects and surfaces. Whether you require smaller sheets for precision work or larger sheets for more extensive tasks, Our factory can often accommodate your requests for diamond sandpaper sheets in the size that best suits your requirements. When ordering customized sizes, be sure to provide the dimensions and quantity needed to ensure you receive the tailored product you require.

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Q: How do you use a diamond pad?

A diamond hand pad is a handheld abrasive tool with a flexible surface coated with diamond particles. It is used for grinding, smoothing, and polishing various materials, including stone, concrete, glass, and metal.

Q: How do I choose the right grit size for my project?

Select the grit size based on the initial condition of your workpiece and the desired level of surface finish. Coarse grits are suitable for rough grinding, while finer grits are used for smoothing and polishing.

Q: What safety precautions should I take when using diamond hand pads?

Wear safety goggles, a dust mask, and gloves to protect yourself from dust and debris. Additionally, work in a well-ventilated area or wear a respirator if working with fine dust particles.

Q: How do I maintain and clean my diamond hand pad?

After use, rinse the diamond hand pad with clean water to remove debris and residues. Gently pat it dry or allow it to air dry. Proper maintenance can prolong the pad's lifespan.

Q: What are some common applications for diamond hand pads?

Wear safety goggles, a dust mask, and gloves to protect yourself from dust and debris. Additionally, work in a well-ventilated area or wear a respirator if working with fine dust particles.

Q: What are the common grit sizes for diamond hand pads?

Diamond hand pads come in a range of grit sizes, from coarse (e.g., 50 grit) to fine (e.g., 3000 grit). The choice of grit depends on the specific task, with coarser grits used for material removal and finer grits for polishing.

Q: Do I need to use water or lubricant with a diamond hand pad?

Yes, using water or a specific lubricant is often necessary. It helps keep the surface cool, prevents overheating, and improves the effectiveness of the diamond particles in grinding and polishing. Some materials require dry grinding, so it's essential to check the manufacturer's recommendations.

Q: Can I use a diamond hand pad for dry grinding and wet grinding?

The suitability of a diamond hand pad for dry or wet grinding depends on the material and the pad itself. Some diamond hand pads are designed for wet use, while others are suitable for dry grinding. Check the manufacturer's specifications for guidance.

Q: Can diamond hand pads be used on curved or irregular surfaces?

Yes, diamond hand pads are versatile and can be used on flat, curved, or irregular surfaces. Their flexibility allows for contouring and shaping of various workpieces.

Q: Can I achieve a high-polish finish with a diamond hand pad?

Yes, with the right technique and progression through finer grits, you can achieve a high-polish finish on various materials using diamond hand pads. The finest grits are typically used for the polishing stage.

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